Day 21 and kind’ve Day 22, but not really.

We left American Samoa on the 14th of November. We went to bed and woke up November 16th. A little bit of a mind trip really.  The only time we’ll probably ever time travel was due to us crossing the International Dateline and losing a day entirely. With only one day at sea before arriving in Fiji I would like to report that it was super exciting with lot’s of on-board amazing adventures, but in truth the only real excitement was the violent rocking of the ship (and my tummy), as we pitched side to side against angry waves, as it stormed and raged outside.

A rather uneventful day with no photo’s to show for it, however the day did end with the purchase of a lot of artwork. Who knew we were such avid art lovers? Having attended one of the on board art auctions previously, and whetting Martin’s appetite after showing him a print of Bugs Bunny and Friends in Hawaii, we attended one together, making friends with the auctioneer and his assistants and sipping back free champagne. An  unusual selection that we decided on too; works by Andrew Chen and Steven Bloom, and of Scooby Doo and the Flintstones. All now on their way to us in mailing tubes. When we finally get a house it may be a while before we have furniture, but at least our walls will be colourful!


One of the few formal nights we actually attended


One thought on “Day 21 and kind’ve Day 22, but not really.

  1. John and Darlene says:

    Wonderful,great picture of you both.I bet you were the yougest on board.
    Love,Dar and John

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