Day 14 – Magickal Nawiliwili

Ninini Point Lighthouse - first view of Nawiliwili


Our last day in Hawaii and we were lucky enough to spend it in gorgeous Nawiliwili, Kauai. Named for the Wiliwili trees that grew wild along its shore, and known for being the home of the “menehune”, elf-like beings who perform amazing feats when no one’s looking. On arriving at the pier we took a free shuttle to the nearest shopping center; Anchor Cove. A cute little shopping center with a handful of touristy shops and an ABC store right beside Kalapaki Beach. We were there early morning and had the beach almost to ourselves. Blue skies, palm trees, and classic Hawaiian golden sand, we spent it sunbathing, reading and swimming, and watching the odd bird, (more often than not wild chickens), that wandered close to check us out.

Anchor Cove in the early morning


The path beside Kalapaki Beach in Anchor Cove


Kalapaki Beach


Martin taking a dip


One of our little friends

We had lunch at Duke’s Canoe Club not far from where we were sunbathing. Sitting out on the patio we watched as more chickens roamed aimlessly around us. In the center of the restaurant was a beautiful pond and garden, and we marvelled at the beauty of how intertwined the outdoors and indoors were here in Hawaii.

Duke's Canoe Club Restaurant


Duke's Restaurant


Inside Duke's Restaurant

The Marriott Hotel also resided along the beach, so we spent some time walking the beautiful botanical gardens that comprised part of the Marriott’s grounds. Beautiful chinese statues and vases, winding pathways through lush flora, ponds filled to bursting with koi. Hauntingly beautiful and peacefully welcoming, it was easy to believe that “little people” also called it home.

The Marriott Hotel Botanical Gardens


Path to the Botanical Gardens


Not a good look


Feeding the koi


Jo and the tree


The towel monkey waiting for us in our room


Leaving Hawaii and preparing for five days at sea


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