Day 3 – Sea World

Day three – another beautiful sunny day in San Diego and time to hit up Sea World! One quick trolley and bus ride later we found ourselves at Sea World.

One of the hardest things about attractions the size of Legoland and Sea World is deciding just where to start. Not too far from the entrance way we found ourselves gazing upon the mythical world of Atlantis. Periodically we’d hear piercing screams as people plummeted down a vertical water slide into a basin below. The ride was called ‘Journey to Atlantis’. I have to admit…I was scared. Other than a very timid ferris wheel at Calgary Stampede, this was going to be my first real ride. Martin however, was ecstatic. How could I say no?



After timidly seating myself next to Martin in one of the cars with only a bar across my lap to keep me in place, we started up a short steep incline where the horizon seemed to disappear in all directions. It never crossed my mind that the ride would begin with the vertical water slide. Martin threw his arms in the air revelling in the moment. I screamed as if being murdered, stopping only when we reached the pool at the bottom and water sprayed up from all sides drenching us. Nervously giggling, I couldn’t believe I had done that.

Part of me thought that was all there was to the ride. But no. Our car continued down a winding path into a cave where we were lifted and rocked by a giant elevator. Higher and higher we went until we shot forth into daylight, winding and twisting on tracks battling against gravity. The ride continued until my backbone felt well bruised and my vocal cords damaged, and we found ourselves wet again by spray from the pools we landed in. Exhilarating? Yes! So much so that when we, (and by that I mean ‘I’), had recovered later in the day we willingly went back two more times, and would have gone more had we the time.

We splurged on photo’s to document our triumph; Martin screaming in exhilaration, and me in fear.

Most of the day was spent watching various shows. We started with ‘The Story of Shamu’, a meeting of a few of the killer whales collectively part of the Shamu family. We attended ‘Blue Horizon’, a performance of wild costumes, acrobatics, parrots, and dolphins showing off their talents. And we watched in awe ‘One Ocean’, where killer whales performed for our entertainment. Our photo’s are few and far between due to just how drowned we got during every performance. ‘Splash Zones’ are not ideal for camera equipment.

Shamu - Killer Whales


We went on a Wild Arctic Helicopter Simulation ride, fed sea lions that barked at us demanding more, more, more…, viewed the myriad array of exhibitions, and watched a Pirates 4D movie in the theatre. After such a full-on day laziness set in and we returned to our hotel exhausted, but happy, for another wonderful meal at Current before retiring.

Pumpkin Fish


Seseme Street Ship


Waving to the Turtle


Sea Turtles


Feed Me!


More Turtles


Sea Lion


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