Day 2 – Lego, Fish, and Music

Day 2 we set off for the Information Centre and picked up our Go-San-Diego cards that I had purchased for us prior to setting off on our trip. The cards offered us great value by allowing us entry into almost any attraction you could think of in San Diego over a three-day period. In particular we had in mind hitting up Legoland, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo over the three days we were here, anything else we were able to fit into our days would be gravy.
       Legoland San Diego is one of five Legoland attractions in the world. Martin was fortunate enough as a child to have visited Legoland in Denmark. When there, he fell in love with the Lego Miniland display and was hoping to be just as wowed by something similar here. Visiting Legoland was one of the top things I was looking forward to doing on our trip. Neither of us were disappointed. I am left speechless in trying to describe it other than by saying IT WAS AMAZING!!! Martin was the photographer extraordinaire while we set of and relived our childhoods.

Legoland San Diego


Six-Brick at Legoland


Jo and the Buffalo


Quick trip to Egypt


Martin & the Ghost

One of Martins favourites was Miniland USA. It would be impossible to upload the hundreds of photo’s he actually took of Miniland. The thing we both found most amazing was the attention to detail that went into making these models. Every person was dressed differently, some vehicles and boats would move, or men would pop out of man holes in the miniature streets. The pictures barely do them justice.

Miniland Las Vegas


Miniland Las Vegas


Miniland USA


Miniland New York


Miniland USA


Miniland USA


Miniland Mississippi


Miniland Mardi Gras


Miniland USA


Miniland USA


Miniland USA


Miniland USA


Miniland USA


Martin and Darth Vader

Martin’s other favourite display? Miniland Star Wars!

Miniland Star Wars


Miniland Millenium Falcon


Miniland Star Wars


The Lego Sydney Opera House


Martin devoured by a shark


Oh no!


Sign Post Legoland Style


Martin helping Bob the Builder with his ear wax build up.


My hero!


Making friends!


Sea Life


Sea Life Entrance


Martin in a bubble.


Still in a bubble...


Sea Life Lego-style


Sea Life Aquarium


Sea Life


Jo in a bubble


Martin and the fishes


Martin underwater

After leaving Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium we found ourselves outside the Museum of Making Music. Why not? we thought. We were here anyway and our San Diego cards covered the entrance fee. We breezed through the Museum pretty fast – Lego Land and Sea Life was a hard act to follow, but we did have some fun while there. We purchased a postcard to commemorate our trip and were rewarded with an awesome hardcover book on the history of the Museum  and the history of music over the last century.

Across the street from the Museum of Making Music.


Guitar Harps


Martin rocking out


Still rocking...


Rocking some more


Birch Aquarium at Scripps

One last stop before handing over the keys of Six-brick back to the people at Enterprise; Birch Aquarium at Scripps. Dedicated to oceanography, we made a quick tour of the premises until we were totally ‘fished out’.

Jelly Fish


Jo at the aquarium








Martin and the whale


Beautiful San Diego view


Martin and the submarine

Exhausted from all of our  gallivanting around, we made a quick exploration of the Gas Lamp District in Downtown San Diego, found it to be lively and charismatic, but with also a few too many ‘Crazies’ then we were willing to be around right then. And anyway, it was time to unwind and ready ourselves for our next adventure.

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