Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

For those not opposed to really bad poetry.

With respect and apology to Dr. Seuss.



Today is our day.

We’re off to Great Places!

We’re off and away!


We have brains in our heads.

We have feet in our shoes.

We are off to explore

all the sunshine we choose.

We’re off on our own, and we’ll do what we do.

As long as it’s warm, we’ll do anything new.


We have done all our research, and chosen places with care.

Those that have snow, well, we don’t choose to go there.

With bags full of sunscreen, and flip-flops on feet,

we’ve got the Canadian winter well beat.


And though we’ll miss many

of those left behind,

we can not stop smiling

for sea and sunshine.


It’s much warmer there

in the South Pacific air.


First off, Air Canada

takes us away,

to San Diego

for a four night stay.


And there we’ll explore

Legoland and the Zoo.

And Sea World, oh yes,

we’ll be exploring that too!





Then we’ll cast off to sea

on a luxury ship,

enjoying the journey

of our luxury trip.


No time to grow bored as Hawaii awaits,

and a helicopter ride as a volcano awakes.

Snorkeling and exploring, we’ll do the best of the best.

Then back to the ship for dining and rest.


In a Verandah Suite.

Oh, luxury sweet!


Five days at sea

with so much to do.

Relaxing and dreaming

of the next island due.


Finally, we arrive

and a new island beckons.

American Samoa.

It’s just what we reckoned.


Then back to the ship,

and back out to sea.

And a magical thing happens

that you’ll nowhere else see.


We slip forward in time

and tomorrow is done,

and lies in the past

from where we’ve just come.


The Dateline is crossed, and as a day disappears,

Fiji awaits to bring back some lost cheer.

A place we can snorkel and sunbathe and swim.

Do we dare to embrace all the fun that we can?

With nothing to lose, just how much can we win?


And IF we embrace all the fun that awaits,

how do we decide what treasures to taste?

Too many choices of every such kind.

Simple, it’s not, I’m afraid we will find,

to do ALL the things that we have in mind.


New Caledonia.

The next port that we reach.

Three different islands and never-ending beach.

The adventure continues with lots more to teach,

to two wayward travellers on search for more beach.

                                                          South Pacific beaches…


…for people just dreaming.

          Dreaming of a tan to show

          on whitened bodies, from years of snow.

          For fast adventures, but time to slow.

          Of wild ambitions not based on ‘dough’.

          Of seashells seen when the tide runs low,

          and relaxing while watching a palm tree grow.

          For people, like us, dreaming.


Dreaming of the fish we’ll see.

Tropical food we’ll eat with glee.

Cooling off in the cool blue sea.

Sitting in the shade of a coconut tree.

Dreaming of more sand and sun.

Endless summers filled with fun.

barbecuing burgers until well-done.

Everyone is dreaming.



Yes, that’s for us!


Somehow we’ve escaped

all that prairie land and snow.

Left it all for sun and surf

in the land where Gum Trees grow.


With Koala Bears chewing

on gum trees, way up high.

Underneath the Southern Cross hanging in the sky.

We say goodbye to Sydney as it’s time again to fly.


Oh, the places we’ll go! There  is fun to be done!

This time New Zealand is home to the fun.

Despite being away six years and a bit,

family reunions are worth every bit.

Canadian accents soften, and Kiwis’ grow strong.

And which side of the road again?

                                        Left? Right? or Wrong?


And then there is sheep.

Sheep, sheep, and more sheep.


Sometimes afraid that

there’s nothing but sheep.

Hoping for Hobbits

when we peer at out feet.


But, together!

Whether we like it or not.

Together is something

we’ve been quite a lot.


But when we’re together there’s a very good chance

we’ll know just the most perfect way to advance.

Looking down the road between hither and yon,

with just the right job and home, we won’t want to go on.


Then we might stay

if the beach is near by.

Then we might stay

if the sun’s hanging high.

Then we might stay

if there’s new things to try.

Then we might stay

if a place feels like fun,

and there’s work to be had,

and our travelling’s done.


And we’ve been ’round the islands

and seen all to see.

And we feel that it’s time

to just settle and be.


The adventure, of course,

as we already know,

is just as exciting

without somewhere to go.

And you’re living and loving,

and enjoying your time.

Making the most

of each moment in time.

Though we’ll never forget all the places we’ve been.

The adventure continues after seeing all we’ve seen.


And will we be happy?

Yes! Yes, we will, indeed!

(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)





be that our names are Martin and Jo,

we hope our adventures will continue to grow.

We’re off to Great Places!

And now it is time

to sail all those oceans,

relax and unwind!








2 thoughts on “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  1. Gayle and Greg Andrews says:

    What a delightful poem!! I couldn’t stop smiling as I read it, thinking of the 2 of you and all the great adventures (and quiet times) ahead.

    Your posts have also been a delight to read and it almost makes me want to cruise!!

    Looking forward to continuing on with you and your adventures!


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