The Plot!

Two travellers set out on a once-in-a-lifetime exploration of the South Pacific.

In doing so they leave behind a perilous Canadian winter fraught with amnesic drivers (who no longer know how to drive in snow despite having done so for three-quarters of the year), frigid temperatures so low your nipples grow nipples, and faded tans resulting in the same translucent blue of the walking dead.

 But also, with sincere sadness mixed with a small dose of “ha, ha, suckers!”, they say goodbye to much-loved family and friends.

But who can resist the siren call of sun and sea and golden tans?

And so it is, they leave behind one home in the hopes they’ll find another in the “Land of the Long White Cloud”, (aka the land of beaches, Bungee Jumping,  Peter Jackson, Fish and Chips, and many, many sheep).

New Zealand beckons.

Martin and Jo set off.

South Pacific here we come!


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